Heavenly Sensations have a wide range of treatments on offer. The Spa has 4 treatment rooms, 3 manicure stations and a relaxation area to add to our clients comforts. In addition showering facilities, slippers and dressing gowns are available along with a spa lunch to make your spa day extra special. 

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Germaine de Capuccini skin care
Germaine Advanced Facials
Facials Continued
Spa Marine Body Treatments 

Slimming, Toning and Inch-loss Treatments
Body and Massage
Nail, Hand and Foot Care 


Body Bronzing


Beautiful Eyes
Recommended for Men
Day Spa Special Packages
Heavenly Sensations Packages

Germaine de Capuccini skin care - Please click here for more information.

The Germaine mini facial - £28.00
An introduction to perfect skin. This blissful facial will introduce you to the pleasures of the Germaine de Capuccini range, including mask and massage.
Appointment time 45 mins

The Germaine classic facial - £38.00
A classic prescription treatment for specific problems such as skin congestion, sensitivity and lack of radiance. This highly relaxing facial incorporates a scalp and lymphatic drainage massage.
  • Whitening care - reduces pigmentation giving brighter appearance
  • Sensitive skin and gamma oryzanol - an effective solution for sensitive skin which helps reduce redness and oiliness, restoring the skin to a natural balance.
  • Royal jelly - nourishes tired skin affected by stress, pollution, poor diet, etc.
    Appointment time 1 ¼ hours


Pure T skin balancing treatment for acne/oily skins - £45.00
This treatment is suitable for the most sensitive skin and real visual improvement will be seen after the very first treatment. Comedones and spots will be reduced. It will reduce the levels of oil in the skin and increase softness. Acne prone skin becomes pure skin that is healthier. For optimum results a course should be taken.
Appointment time 1 ¼ hours
Course of five - £200.00


Facials Continued

The diamond microdermabrasion uses both clear crystals and organic grains to give a gentle but effective exfoliation. It will remove dull unwanted cells leaving the skin revitalised and younger in appearance. It can treat: • skin rejuvenation • ageing • sun damage • acne scarring • acne / blemishing • altered pigmentation • fine lines & wrinkles • enlarged / clogged pores
Appointment time 30 mins - £36.00
Luxury - I hour - £46.00
Course of six ~ Mini / Luxury - £196.00 / £246.00

Non Surgical Facelift - £35.00
The duo-lift utilises the latest technology to deliver maximum lift and rejuvenation giving toning to underlying muscles resulting in a reduction of wrinkles. It uses three unique currents with a deep galvanic cleanse and a RLX Botanical infusion (the natural alternative to Botox).
Appointment time1 hour
Course of six £190.00

Oxygen Therapy - £25.00
The next innovation for younger looking skin. A revolutionary skin treatment uses the power of oxygen-infused liquid minerals and blended with a choice of phytobotanicals to reverse the signs of ageing. Reduces fine lines and wrinkles, minimises pores and evens out skin tone.
Appointment time45 mins
Course of six £135.00

Microdermabrasion + Oxygen Therapy - £55.00
Appointment time 1 hour
Course of six £300.00

Non Surgical Facelift (microcurrent only) microdermabrasion + Oxygen Therapy - £60.00
Appointment time 1 ½ hours
Course of six £300.00

Aesthetic Nurse

For lips, wrinkles and facial contours skin advance can provide you with dermal fillers. You have a choice of Restylane or Juvederm. These are injected into specific areas to plump out indentations caused by the ageing process, giving a more youthful appearance. 


Spa Marine body treatments

Spa Marine body treatments from Germaine de Capuccini will both visibly improve the skin’s appearance and promote a harmonious natural balance of body, mind and spiritual well being. Spa Marine’s effectiveness is based on a combination of natural products of marine origin with innovative massage techniques and complementary therapies.

Spa Remineralising Treatment - £55.00
Relax and enjoy the full sensations of this fabulous treatment. Your skin will feel wonderfully revitalised and full of energy, which may have been lost through everyday stress and the constant bombardment of pollutants. You will be wrapped in generous amounts of warm, creamy spa marine mud, which is followed by a holistic massage designed to calm and soothe the mind.
Appointment time 1 ¾ hours

Spa Anti Stress Detoxifying Treatment - £55.00
This is the ultimate deep relaxing treatment. During your journey to total peace and calm you will experience elements of shiatsu, reflexology and specific massage techniques, that work with the energy found within the body’s own charkas and meridians. This treatment will balance any emotional or physical tension, helping to release any negative energy, restoring harmony to the body, spirit and mind.
Appointment time 1 ¾ hours

Spa Total Hydration Treatment - £40.00
This treatment combines total body exfoliation and a tranquil massage with Aqua essential oil, creating a fabulous sensation that restores lost suppleness, moisture and comfort to your skin. Ideal for preparing your skin for exposure to the sun and for re-hydrating it afterwards.
Appointment time 1 hour

The Lighter Legs Experience-£40.00
This treatment has been designed to improve circulation and reduce fluid retention in tired heavy legs. Warm and cool products are applied during a massage with active essential oil and a marine wrap which will re-awaken total lightness and buoyancy to tired legs. A course is recommended, especially during pregnancy.
Appointment time 1 hour 
Course of five £178.00

Thermal Body Mud Treatment-£45.00
This treatment contains a marine origin mud designed to provide an amazing sensation of relaxation due to its self healing capacity and its wonderful bubbly texture. It will be applied to the back and the feet for ultimate comfort while you receive a mini facial.
Appointment time 1 hour

Slimming, Toning, Inch-loss and Detox Treatments

Universal Contour Wrap - Please click here for more information.
This superb body wrap, which is the best on the market, guarantees lasting inch loss. Elasticated bandages soaked in a warm sea clay solution contour the body, lifting flabby buttocks and breasts and flattening the abdomen. The average client can expect to lose between 10 and 14 inches overall with their first treatment. A course of three will generally give an overall loss of about 25 inches and will bring our female clients down a dress size without them losing a pound in weight! The skin is cleansed, the body de-toxified and you feel rejuvenated.
Appointment time 2 ½ hours
Full body wrap - £55.00
Course of three - £145.00

Ultimate Body Lift
It is an anti cellulite treatment. It disperses fat cells and fluid retention aswell as toning the muscles. This machine can lift the breast and buttocks and is often known as the Kylie bum lift! WARNING: Weight Loss is a Result!!A course of 10 is recomended.
Appointment Time 1hr 15mins
One session - £20.00
Course of 10 - £180.00


Body and Massage

Ease tension away with a deep tissue massage.
Back, Neck and Shoulders
Appointment time 30 mins - £23.00
Including Paraffin Wax
Appointment time 1 hour - £35.00
Full body massage
Appointment time 1 hour - £34.00
Half body massage
Appointment time 45 mins - £28.00

Thai-Style Massage
This is a deep Thai massage to treat the sen channels of the body. It will help to release stagnant energy and blockages giving the result of detoxification. This is done using hot steam compresses filled with herbs and spices causing a meditative state during the treatment but leaving you feeling energised.
Back, Neck and Shoulder
Appointment time30 mins - £27.00
Half Body Massage
Appointment time 45 mins - £35.00
Full Body Massage including abdomen & face
Appointment time 1 1/2 hours - £50.00

Germaine Thermo Muscle Massage 
This intense thermal treatment to the Back, Neck and Shoulders works deep into the muscle fibres to produce a heat effect, which alleviates fatigue, stress and tension.
Appointment time 30 mins - £25.00

A blend of essential oils are tailored to your specific needs to create harmony between the mind and spirit.
Back, Neck and Shoulders
Appointment time 45 mins - £25.00
Full body, including Scalp massage - £37.00
Appointment time 1 ¼ hours 

Stone therapy massage - £50.00
Relax while being massaged with hot volcanic stones that ease away tension giving a meditative effect, reconciling the body with the soul.
Appointment time 1 ½ hours

Spa Delight - £24.00
This includes a lower leg and foot exfoliation, then be indulged in a lower leg and foot massage and receive a scalp massage while the feet are warmed in a nourishing mask.
Appointment time 30 mins

Indian Head Massage 
Authentic Indian massage that restores energy and vitality to the body and mind through specific movements on the scalp and upper body.
Appointment time 45 mins - £28.00 

This is a method of natural healing which is centred upon universal life force energy. This ki or life force nourishes the body when it is depleted through accident, illness or stress. Reiki can heal by flowing through the energy field and recharging damaged areas with positive energy, allowing the energy to flow freely again.
Appointment time 1 hour - £26.00 


Nail, Hand and Foot Care

Qtica is the foremost nail, hand and foot care company in Europe offering the best choices for the professional, brought to you at Heavenly Sensations.

Hands Up treatment manicure
This is a facelift for the hands providing nourishment and protection for the skin.
Manicure without polish for men & women
Appointment time 30 mins - £18.00
Manicure with polish
Appointment time 45 mins - £22.00
Luxury manicure and polish
Appointment time 1 hour - £27.00
Luxury manicure with paraffin wax
Appointment time 1 hour - £32.00
Minx Nails 
Appointment time 1 hour - £20.00

Shellac Appointment time 45mins - £20

Little Miss Manicure or pedicure
for 14 years & under
Appointment time 30 mins - £13.00
Little Miss Facials
Appointment time 30 mins - £18.00
Little Miss PartyTime
Treat your daughter and her friends to a birthday party with a difference. 
Minimum of 6
Appointment time varies - £18 per person

File and Polish 
Appointment time 30 mins - £13.00

Pedex by Qtica
Spa Pedicure without polish
Appointment time 45 mins - £24.00
Spa Pedicure with polish
Appointment time 1 hour - £28.00
Luxury Spa Pedicure with polish
Appointment time 1 ¼ hours - £32.00
Luxury Spa Pedicure with paraffin wax
Appointment time 1 ¼ hours - £36.00
Minx toe nails 
Appointment time 1 hour - £25.00

(We stock O.P.I. Nail Polishes)

Paraffin Wax for Hands & Feet
Appointment time 30 mins - £23.00

NSI Nail Enhancements 
NIS works with the most durable system of gel nails. they are of the highest quality and are hypoallergenic and acid free.
Full set of nails & overlay
Appointment time 1 1/2 hours - £36.00
French/Colour Gel/Natural Overlay 
Appointment time 1 hour - £25.00
Appointment time up to 1 ½ hours - £25.00
Appointment time 15 mins £5.00 per nail
Tips only / short term
Appointment time 1 ¼ hours - £20.00
Poligel (shellac) 
Appointment time 30 min - £20.00 
Tip removals and tidy
Appointment time 1 hours - £20.00

Backscratchers from supernails
The perfect nails for that special occassion
full set of french white & overlay
Appointment time 1½ hours - £36.00


Body Bronzing

St Tropez Tanning- Please click here for more information.

A great natural looking tan without the exposure to ultraviolet light
Full Body
Appointment time 1 hour £32.00
Upper Body
Appointment time 45 mins £20.00
Appointment time 30 mins £18.00

Norvell amber sun:
The best spray tan on the market
Norvell turns the dream of a perfect sunless tan into reality. It is fast, flawless, effortless and affordable.
Full body
Appointment time 30 mins - £20.00
Upper body
Appointment time 15 mins - £15.00
Appointment time 15 mins - £12.00



Half Leg
Appointment time 30 mins - £13.00
Full Leg
Appointment time 45 mins - £21.00
Under arm
Appointment time 15 mins - £9.00
Full arm
Appointment time 15 mins - £13.00
Appointment time 15 mins - £9.00/£15.00/£17.00
Full leg & bikini/Brazillian/Hollywood
Appointment time 45 hour - £26.00/£32/£34
Half leg, under arm & bikini
Appointment time 45 hour - £27.00
Lip wax
Appointment time 15 mins - £4.00
Chin wax
Appointment time 15 mins - £4.50
Lip & Chin wax
Appointment time 15 mins - £7.00
Chest or Back wax
Appointment time 30 mins - £14.00
Appointment time 15 mins - £8.00
Appointment time 15 mins - £6.00


Beautiful Eyes

All new clients are required to have a skin test 24 hours prior to eyelash / brow tinting

Eyelash tinting
Appointment time 30 mins - £10.00
Eyebrow tinting
Appointment time 15 mins - £6.00
Eyebrow shaping / waxing
Appointment time 15 mins - £8.00
All three treatments
Appointment time 45 mins - £20.00
Eyelash extensions
Individual eyelashes are added to lengthen and plump out your natural eyelashes.
Appointment time 15 mins - £15.00


Sterex blend machine using sterex disposable needles
15 minute Appointment - £10.00
30 minute Appointment - £14.00

Make Up

Art Deco Professional make up
Appointment time 45 mins - £25.00
Bridal Make Up & Trial - £45.00 (With lash extensions add £10)


Recommended for Men

Chest or Back
Appointment time 30 mins - £14.00
Appointment time 15 mins - £8.00
Eyebrow tidy
Appointment time 15 mins - £8.00

Swedish massage
Back, neck & shoulders
Appointment time 30 mins - £23.00
Including paraffin wax
Appointment time 1 hour - £31.00
Full body massage
Appointment time 1 hour - £34.00
Footballer’s Massage
Appointment time 45 mins - £28.00

Germaine de Capuccini Mini Facial
Appointment time 45 mins - £28.00

Qtica Manicure
Appointment time 45 mins - £18.00

Qtica Pedicure
Appointment time 45 mins - £24.00

Men’s Stress Buster Package
Appointment time 1 ¾ hours - £63.00

Appointment time 1 hour - £26.00


Day Spa Special Packages (including Spa Marine)

Total Equilibrium
Find time just for you and completely unwind in this passage to total equilibrium. Your package includes: a luxury manicure or shellac, Classic facial and a spa Anti-Stress detoxifying treatment.
Appointment time 4 ¼ hours - £111.00

Bridal package
Nail extensions, shellac toes, Make-up and hair pin up £100.00 (Without trial)

With Make up / Hair Trial                                          £140.00

Add eyelash extensions £10.00

Essential Holiday package
Prepare your body to look your very best with this luxury holiday package. Your package includes: Full leg & Brazillian wax, underarm wax, eyelash tint, eyebrow wax, shellac/Gel manicure and pedicure with polish.
Appointment time 4 ½ hours - £100.00

Body, Mind & Spirit package
Experience total indulgence and relaxation enhancing your body’s energies, giving balance and reducing stress levels. Your package includes a full body exfoliation, hot stone therapy, mini facial and Lux pedicure.
Appointment time 3 ½ hours - £108.00

Diary Date
If you have a busy schedule, make this your regular beauty booking. This programme includes: half leg wax, eyebrow shape, the Germaine Mini Facial and manicure or Shellac.
Appointment time 2 hours - £64.00

Relax and Unwind Package
Forget all the stresses of your day and enjoy a relaxing full body massage, a mini facial, and manicure.
Appointment time 2 ½ hours - £74.00

Mum-to-be Package
For the time when a woman needs to be nurtured. This programme includes a Germaine mini facial, a pedicure and a back massage.
Appointment time 2 ¼ hours - £69.00

Men’s Stress Buster Package
Ideal to ease away tension and give your skin a deep cleanse to restore your complexion. This programme includes a relaxing back massage, a mini facial and a manicure.
Appointment time 1 ¾ hours - £63.00

Top-to-Toe Package
This all over beauty experience includes: a relaxing full body massage, a Germaine mini facial and a manicure and pedicure.
Appointment time 3 1/2hours - £102.00

All packages over 3 hours include a complimentary Spa Lunch.


Teeth Whitening

Instant teeth whitening from Natara White. This is an advanced system using a special light along with the white spa products which gives rapid removal of stains built up after years of consuming coffee, red wine, high colouring foods and smoking.
Appointment time 1 hour and 15minutes - £50.00



(semi permanent tattooing)

This is eyebrow reconstruction to fill or define the natural eyebrow. Giving a hairstroke effect to blend with the existing eyebrow hair. (Patch test rquired at lest 48hours before treatment)

First appointment time 2hours £225, follow up appointment in 6-8weeks.

colour boost Appointment

6 months or less £50

6-9 months £75

9-12 months £100

12-18 months £150

18months plus £225


CUT & Styling
Cut & Style £28
Blow Dry £15/£18
Cut & Style (12-16 years old) £20
Under 12s price on request
Conditioning Treatment £7
Curls with straightners/ tongs £20
Pin Up From £25
Bridal including trial From £40


Cut £10
Cut & Style £20


Full Head From £35
Retouch £25
Semi Permanent From £25
Full Head From £48
Half Head From £35
Partial From £27



Skin Peels
Lip Enhancements
Ageing Hand Treatment